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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In medical jurisprudence. The mechanical obstruction of an artery or capillary by some body traveling in the blood current, as, a blood-clot (embolus), a globule of fat or an air-bubble. Embolism is to be distinguished from "thrombosis," a thrombus being a clot of blood formed in the heart or a blood vessel in consequence of some impediment of the circulation from pathological causes, as distinguished from mechanical causes, for example, an alteration of the blood or walls of the blood vessels. When embolism occurs in the brain (called "cerebral embolism") there is more or less coagulation of the blood in the surrounding paris, and there may be apoplectic shock or paralysis of the brain, and its functional activity may be so far disturbed as to cause entire or partial insanity. See Cundall v. Haswell, 23 In I. 508. 51 Atl. 426.