Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    Just; conformable to the principles of natural justice and right. Just, fair, and right, in consideration of the facts and circumstances of the individual case. Existing in equity; available or sustainable only in equity, or only upon the rules and principles of equity.
    —Equitable action. One founded on an equity or cognizable in a court of equity; or, more specifically, an action arising, not immediately from the contract in suit, but from an equity in favor of a third person, not a party to it, but fur whose benefit certain stipulations or promises were made. Cragin v. Lovell, 109 U. S. 194, 3 Sup. Ct. 132, 27 In Ed. 903; Thomas v. Musical Mut. Protective Union. 121 N. Y. 45, 24 N. E. 24, 8 L. R. A. 175; Wallis v. Shelly (C. G) 30 Fed. 748.
    — Equitable assignment. An assignment which, though invalid at law, will be recognized and enforced in equity ; e. g., an assignment of a chose in action, or of future acquisitions of the assignor. Holmes v. Evans, 129 N. Y. 140, 29 N. E. 233; Story v. Hull, 148 111. "506, 32 N. E. 265; First Nat. Bank v. Coates (C. Ct) 8 Fed. 542. As to equitable "Assets," "Co.nstruction," "Conversion," "Defense," "Basement," "Ejectment," "Election," "Estate," "Estoppel," "Execution," "Garnishment," "Levy," "Lien," "Mortgage," "Title," and "Waste," see those titles.