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    In old English law. False; counterfeit. Faux action, a false action. Litt. ยง 688. Faux money, counterfeit money. St. Westm. 1, c. 15. Faux pegs, false weights. Britt, c. 20. Faux serement, a false oath. St. Westm. 1, c. 38. In French law. A falsification or fraudulent alteration or suppression of a thing by words, by writings, or by acts without either. Biret. "Faux may be understood in three ways. In its most extended sense it la the alteration of truth, with or without intention; it is nearly synonymous with flying.' In a less extended sense, it is the alteration of truth, accompanied with fraud, mutatio veritatis cum dolo facta. And lastly, in a narrow, or rather the> legal, sense of the word, when it is a question to know if the faux be a crime, it is the fraudulent niteradon of the truth in those cases ascertained and punished by the law." Touillier, t. 9, n. 188. In the civil law. The fraudulent alteration of the truth. The same with the Latin falsum or crimen falsi.