Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In Lat. A feud, fief or fee. A' right of using and enjoying forever the lands of another, which the lord grants on condition that the tenant shall render fealty, military duty, and other services. Spelman.
    —Feudum autiquum. An ancient feud or fief; a fief descended to the vassal from his ancestors. 2 Bl. Comm. 212, 221. A fief which ancestors had possessed for more than four generations. Spelman; Priest v. Cummings, 20 Wend. (N. Y.) 349.
    —Feudum apertum. An open feud or fief; a fief resulting back to the lord, where the blood of the person last seised was utterly extinct and gone. 2 Bl. Comm. 245.
    —Feudum francuih. A free feud. One which was noble and free from talliage and other subsidies to which the pleleia feuda (vulgar feuds) were subject. Spelman.
    —Feudum hau-berticum. A fee held on the military service of appearing fully armed at the ban and arriere ban. Spelman,
    —Feudum improprium. An improper or derivative feud or fief. 2 Bl. Comm. 58.
    —Feudum individuum. An indivisible or impartible feud or fief; descendible to the eldest son alque. 2 Bl. Comm. 215.
    — Feudum ligium. A liege feud or fief; a fief held immediately of the sovereign; one for which the vassal owed fealty to his lord against all persons. 1 Bl. Comm. 367; Spelman.
    — Feudum maternum. A maternal fief; a fief descended to the feudatory from his mother. 2 Bl. Comm. 212-
    —Feudum uobile. A fee for which the tenant did guard and owed fealty and homage. 'Spelman.
    —Feudum novum. A new feud or fief; a fief which began in the person of the feudatory, and did not come to him by succession. Spelman ; 2 Bl. Comm. 212; Priest v. Cummings, 20 Wend. (N. Y.) 349.
    —Feodum novum ut antiquum. A new fee held with the qualities and incidents of an ancient one. 2 Bl. Comm. 212.
    —Feudum paternum. A fee which the paternal ancestors had held for four generations. Calvin. One descendible to heirs on the paternal side only. 2 Bl. Comm. 223. One which might be held by males only. Du Cange.
    —Feudum proprium. A proper, genuine, and original feud or fief; being of a purely military Character, and held by military service. 2 Bl. Comm. 57, 58.
    —Feudum talliatum. A restricted fee. One limited to descend to certain classes of heirs. 2 Bl. Comm. 112, note; 1 Washb. Real Prop. 66.