Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    Brotherly; relating or belonging to a fraternity or an association of persons formed for mutual aid and benefit, but not for profit
    —Fraternal benefit association. A society or voluntary association organized and carried on for the mutual aid and banefit of its mem-bars, not for profit; which ordinarily has a lodge system, a ritualistic form of work, and a representative government, makes provision for the payment of death benefits, and (sometimes) for benefits in case of accident, sickness, or old age, the funds therefor being derived from dues paid or assessments levied on the members. National Union v. Marlow, 74 Fed. 778, 21 C. C. A. 89; Walker v. Giddings, 103 Mich. 344, 6i N. W. 512.
    —Fraternal insurance. The form of life (or accident) insurance furnished by a fraternal beneficial association, consisting in the payment to a member, or his heirs in case of death, of a stipulated sum of money, out of funds raised for that purpose by the payment of dues or assessments by all the members of the association.