Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Ballentine's Law Dictionary

    (Spanish) A use and custom which has the force of law. See 37 U. S. 410, 9 L. Ed. 1137.

  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In Spanish law. A law; a code. A general usage or custom of a province, having the force of law. Strother v. Lucas, 12 Pet. 446, 9 L. Ed. 1137. Ir contra fuero, to violate a received custom. A grant of privileges and immunities. Conceder fueros, to grant exemptions. A charter granted to a city or town. Also designated as "cartas pueblas." An act of donation made to an individual, a church, or convent, on certain conditions. A declaration of a magistrate, in relation to taxation, fines, etc. A charter grantedby the sovereign, or those having authority from him, establishing the franchises of towns, cities, etc. A place where justice is administered. A peculiar forum, before which a party is amenable. The Jurisdiction of a tribunal, which is entitled to take cognizance of a cause; as fuero ecclesiastico, fuero militor. See Schm. Civll Law, Introd. 64.
    —Fuero de Castilla. The body of laws and customs which formerly governed the Castilians.
    —Fuero de correos y caminos. A special tribunal taking cognizance of all matters relating to the post-office and roads.
    —Fuero de guerra. A special tribunal taking cognizance of ali matters in relation to persons serving in the army.
    —Fuero de marina. A special tribunal taking cognizance of all matters relating to the navy and to the persons employed therein.
    —Fnero Jnzgo. The Forum Judicium; a code of laws established in the seventh century for the Visigothic kingdom in Spain. Some of its principles and rules are found surviving in the modem jurisprudence of that country. Schm. Civil Law, Introd. 28.
    —Fnero mnnicipal. The body of laws granted to a city or town for its government and the administration of justice.
    —Fnero Real. The title of a code of Spanish law promulgated by Alhonso the Learned, (el Sabto,) A. D. 1255. t was the precursor of the Partidas. Schm. Civil Law, Introd. 67.
    —Fuero Viejo. The title of a compilation of Spanish law, published about A. D. 992. Schm. Civil Law, Introd. 65.