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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    By statute in several states, one who is convicted of a felony, having been previously convicted of any crime (or twice se convicted) or who is convicted of a misdemeanor and has previously (in New York) been five times convicted of a misdemeanor. Crim. Code N. Y. 1903, § 510; Rev. St Utah, 1898, § 4067. In a more gen-oral sense, one made subject to police sur-velllance and arrest on suspicion, on account of his previous criminal record and absence of honest employment
    —Habitual criminals act. The statute 32 & 33 Viet. c. 99. By this act power was given to apprehend on suspicion convicted persons holding license under the penal servitude acts, 1853, 1857, and 1864. The act was repealed and replaced by the prevention of crimes act, 1871, (34 & 35 Viet. c. 112.)