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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In medical jurisprudence. Unilateral paralysis; paralysis of one side of the body, commonly due to a lesion in the brain, but sometimes originating from the spinal cord, as in "Brown-Sequard's parui-ysis," unllateral paralysis with crossed an-œsthesia. In the cerebral form, the hemiplegia is sometimes "alternate" or crossed, that is, occurring on the opposite side of the body from the initial lesion. If the disease comes on rapidly or suddenly, it is called "quick" hemiplegia; if slowly or gradually, "chronic." The former variety is more apt to affect the mental faculties than the latter; hut, where hemiplegia is complete, the operations of the mind are generally much impaired. See Baughman v. Baughman, 32 Kan. 538, 4 Pac. 1003.