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    L. Lat. Homage, (q. v.)
    —Homagium ligium. Liege homage; that kind of homage which was due to the sovereign alone as supreme lord, and which was done without any saving or exception of the rights of other lords Spelman. So calied from ligando, (binding,) because it could not be renounced like other kinds of homage.-
    —Homagium planum. In feudal law. Plain homage; a species of homage which bound him who did it to nothing more than fidelity, without any obligation either of military service or attendance in the couris of his superior. 1 Robertson's Car. V., Appendix, note 8.
    —Homagium reddere. To renounce homage. This was when a vassal made a solemn declaration of disowning and defying his lord ; for which there was a set form and method prescribed by the feudal laws. Bract. 1. 2, c. 35, § 35.
    —Homagium simplex. In feudal law. Simple homage; that kind of homage which was merely an acknowledgment of tenure, with a saving of the rights of other lords. Harg. Co.. Litt. note 18, lib. 2. Homagium, non per proenratores nee per literas fieri potnit, sed in propria persona tam domini quam tenentis eapi dehet et fieri. Co. Litt. 68. Homage cannot be done by proxy, nor by letters, but must be paid and received in the proper person, as well of the lord as the tenant.