Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Ballentine's Law Dictionary

    The place where one keeps his personal effedts. See 33 Vt. 159; also, same as Homme.

  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    When a person voluntarily takes up his abode in a given place, with Intention to remain permanently or for an indefinite period of time or without any present intention to remove therefrom, such place of abode becomes hls residence or home. This word has not the same technical meaning as "domicile." See Langhammer v. Munter, 80 Md. 518, 31 Atl. 300, 27 In R. A. 330; King v. King, 155 Mo. 406, 56 S. W. 534; Dean v. Cannon, 37 W. Va. 123, 16 S. D. 444; Jefferson v. Washington, 19 Me. 293; Welch v. Whelpley, 62 Mich. 15, 28 N. W. 744, 4 Am. St. Rep. 810; Warren v. Thomaston, 48 Me. 418, 69 Am. Dec. 69.
    —Home office. The department of state through which the English sovereign administers most of the internal affnirs of the kingdom, especially the police, and communicates with the judicial functionaries. As applied to a corporation, its principal office within the state or country where it was incorporated or formed. Rev. St. Tex. 1895, art. 3096a.
    —Home port. In maritime law, the home port of a vessel is either the port where she is registered or enrolled, or the port at or nearest to which her owner usually resides, or, if there be more than one owner, the port at or nearest to which the husband or acting and managing owner resides. White's Bank v. Smith, 7 Wall. 651, 19 L. Ed. 211; The Ellen Holgate (D C.) 30 Fed. 125; The Albany, 1 Fed. Cas. 288; Com. v. Ayer & Lord Tie Co., 77 S. W. 688, 25 Ky. Law Rep. 1068. But for some purposes any port where the owner happens at the time to be with his vessel is its home port. Case v. Woolley, 6 Dana (Kyi) 27, 32 Am. Dec. 54. -Home rnle. In constifutional and stafutory law, locni self-government, or the right thereof. Attorney General v. Lowrey, 131 Mich. 639, 92 N W. 289. In British politics, a programme or plan (or a more or less definitely formulated demand) for the right of local self-government for Ireland under the lead of an Irish national parliament.