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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In the law of divorce, a species of cruelty addressed to the mind, sen-sibillties, self-respect or personal honor of the subject, rather than to the body, and defined as "unmerited contemptuous conduct towards another; any action towards another which manifests contempt for him; contumely, incivility or injury accompanied with insult." Coble v. Coble, 55 N. C. 395; Erwin v. Erwin, 57 N. C. 84; Hooper v. Hooper, 19 Mo. 357; Goodman v. Goodman, 80 Mo. App. 281; 1 Bish. Mar. & Div. ยง 826. But the phrase "indignities to the person," as used in statutes, has reference to bodily indignities, as distinguished from such as may be offered to the mind, sensibilities, or reputation. Cheatham v. Cheatham, 10 Mo. 298; Butler v. Butler, 1 Pars. Eq. Cas. (Pa.) 329; Kurtz v. Kurtz, 38 Ark. 123. But compare Miller v. Miller, 78 N. C. 105.