Gonzaga University School of Law

Gonzaga law is a private, Jesuit-affiliated school of law in Spokane, Washington that offers an experience-based academic program that produces graduates who are pursuing justice and finding solutions to legal challenges today and in the future. Gonzaga Law teaches ethical, inspired action on behalf of a client or cause in legal, economic, and social contexts. We focus on academics and scholarship where both students and faculty can make a difference in and out of academia. From granting the first-ever Gonzaga degree to a woman in 1935, to opening one of the country's first legal clinics in 1974, to a decades-long focus on legal research and writing, to a new experience-based curriculum in 2009, to launching the Pacific Northwest's first Accelerated J.D. program in 2013, and 15 month J.D. for Internationally Educated Lawyers in 2014, Gonzaga Law offers an innovative choice of law school.

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Gonzaga University School of Law
721 N Cincinnati St
Spokane, WA 99220
United States
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