Actiq Overdose

Actiq is the solid formulation of the chemical compound known as fentanyl citrate. This drug is dissolved on the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream for the treatment of cancer breakthrough pain. The drug is only intended for use by opiate-tolerant individuals and is 80-times stronger than Morphine. Actiq is often prescribed for other uses in addition to cancer pain such as migraine headaches, back pain, arthritis and severe bone injuries. As with any opiate, Actiq is often misused leading to overdose and death. Proper patient selection, maintenance and monitoring is essential to success with Actiq.

Actiq is an opiate pain reliever designed to treat chronic and intolerable pain. The drug was originally intended for use by those undergoing cancer treatments and experiencing intense pain from chemotherapy. The drug has since been used to treat a wide variety of pain ailments ranging from severe headaches to broken bones. Actiq is a lozenge administered via a stick directly onto the tongue. The narcotic is immediately absorbed and patients feel relief within minutes.

Actiq is highly addictive and has developed a significant recreational reputation as the “Morphine lollipop.” Several deaths have been reported after people have tried Actiq and accidentally overdosed. The drug is highly addictive and withdrawal symptoms are akin to that of heroin or other opiate withdrawals. Over 120 people have died from Actiq overdoses and the FDA reports an additional 91 people have experienced severe personal injuries from the use of Actiq. Sadly, deaths have been reported involving children who mistook the drug for candy and overdosed on the powerful painkiller.

Actiq is a federally-regulated drug that has been the target of multiple investigations and by drug enforcement agencies. Marketing practices have also been regulated and state attorneys general have attempted to harness the illegal sale and distribution of Actiq to avoid recreational use and overdoses. It is estimated that over 80% of Actiq prescriptions are for non-cancer related pain management.