Langeloth, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated community located in Smith Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Langeloth has been assigned the ZIP code 15054. The town has a population of approximately 600. Langeloth began as a coal mining company town. Langeloth has three businesses; Vallina's Market, Riddell/All American, and Langeloth Metallurgical Company. It is also the birthplace of noted former college football coach Barry Alvarez. Langeloth is also home to the regionally renowned Langeloth Softball League, also known as LSB. Games are played at the Gus Barbush Memorial park where hundreds of locals gather to drink beer outside the outfield fence. The league slogan is, "We play fastpitch."

Agriculture Law Lawyers In Langeloth Pennsylvania


What is agriculture law?

Agriculture Law involves farmers, landowners, and others in regards to crop-growing, farming processes, dairy production, livestock, farmland use, government subsidization of farming, and seasonal and migrant farm workers. There are numerous federal statutes that subsidize, regulate or otherwise directly affect agricultural activity. Some focusing on protecting migrant and seasonal agricultural workers, some for financial assistance to farmers and others for the construction or improvement of farm housing and other agriculturally related purposes.