15 USC 4902 - Interagency Trade Data Advisory Committee

(a) Establishment 
There is established the Interagency Trade Data Advisory Committee.
(b) Membership 
The Committee shall consist of
(1) the United States Trade Representative;
(2) the Secretary of Agriculture;

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(3) the Secretary of Defense;
(4) the Secretary of Commerce;
(5) the Secretary of Labor;
(6) the Secretary of the Treasury;
(7) the Secretary of State;
(8) the Director of the Office of Management and Budget;
(9) the Director of Central Intelligence;
(10) the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board;
(11) the Chairman of the International Trade Commission;
(12) the President of the Export-Import Bank;

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(13) the President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation; and
(14) such other members as may be appointed by the President from full-time officers or employees of the Federal Government.
(c) Chairman 
The Secretary of Commerce shall be Chairman of the Committee.
(d) Designees 
Any member of the Committee may appoint a designee to serve in place of such member on the Committee.