15 USC 657j - Information tracking and follow-up system for disaster assistance

(a) System required 
The Administrator shall develop, implement, or maintain a centralized information system to track communications between personnel of the Administration and applicants for disaster assistance. The system shall ensure that whenever an applicant for disaster assistance communicates with such personnel on a matter relating to the application, the following information is recorded:
(1) The method of communication.
(2) The date of communication.
(3) The identity of the personnel.

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(4) A summary of the subject matter of the communication.
(b) Follow-up required 
The Administrator shall ensure that an applicant for disaster assistance receives, by telephone, mail, or electronic mail, follow-up communications from the Administration at all critical stages of the application process, including the following:
(1) When the Administration determines that additional information or documentation is required to process the application.
(2) When the Administration determines whether to approve or deny the loan.
(3) When the primary contact person managing the loan application has changed.