16 USC 2807 - Capital requirements for aquaculture

(a) Capital requirements study 
The Secretaries, through the coordinating group, shall conduct within twelve months after September 26, 1980, a study of the capital requirements of the United States aquaculture industry. The study shall
(1) document and analyze any capital constraints that affect the development of aquaculture in the United States; and
(2) evaluate the role that appropriate Federal financial assistance does or could play in filling gaps in the normal credit market with respect to aquaculture.

The study will identify the capital needs of the United States aquaculture industry, with emphasis on the needs that are not being filled either in normal credit channels or through government programs for direct loans, loan guarantees, disaster loans, and insurance. Upon its completion, the Secretaries shall submit the results of the study to Congress.

(b) Capital requirements plan 
Based on the results of the Capital Requirements Study conducted under subsection (a) of this section, and within six months of the completion of the study, the Secretaries shall formulate a plan for acting on the studys findings. The plan shall include:

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(1)  those Federal actions, if any, found to be necessary to meet financial needs unmet through normal credit channels and existing Federal programs; and
(2)  recommendations, if any, for legislative actions. Upon completion, the plan shall be submitted to Congress.