16 USC 499 - Disposal of money received by or on account of Forest Service; refund of excess and moneys erroneously collected; receipts from permits

All money received by or on account of the Forest Service for timber, or from any other source of national-forest revenue, including moneys received from sale of products from or for the use of lands in national forests created under section 471 (b)1 of this title, and moneys received on account of permits for hunting, fishing, or camping on lands acquired under authority of sections 513 to 517 and 521 of this title, shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States as a miscellaneous receipt and there is hereby appropriated and made available as the Secretary of Agriculture may direct out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, so much as may be necessary to make refunds to depositors of money heretofore or hereafter deposited by them to secure the purchase price on the sale of any products or for the use of any land or resources of the national forests in excess of amounts found actually due from them to the United States and also so much as may be necessary to refund or pay over to the rightful claimants such sums as may be found by the Secretary of Agriculture to have been erroneously collected for the use of any lands, or for timber or other resources sold from lands located within, but not a part of, the national forests, or for alleged illegal acts done upon such lands, which acts are subsequently found to have been proper and legal.
[1] See References in Text note below.