16 USC 698g - Acquisition of lands for Big Cypress Preserve

(a) Expeditious acquisition of Florida lands 
In recognition of the efforts of the State of Florida in the preservation of the area, through the enactment of chapter 73131 of the Florida statutes, The Big Cypress Conservation Act of 1973, the Secretary is directed to proceed as expeditiously as possible to acquire the lands and interests in lands necessary to achieve the purposes of sections 698f to 698m–4 of this title.
(b) Submission of plan to Congressional committees; time; contents 
Within one year after October 11, 1974, the Secretary shall submit, in writing, to the Committee[1] on Interior and Insular Affairs and to the Committees on Appropriations of the United States Congress a detailed plan which shall indicate:
(i) the lands and areas which he deems essential to the protection and public enjoyment of this preserve.
(ii) the lands which he has previously acquired by purchase, donation, exchange or transfer for administration for the purpose of this preserve, and

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(iii) the annual acquisition program (including the level of funding) which he recommends for the ensuing five fiscal years.
(c) Time for completion of land acquisition program 
It is the express intent of the Congress that the Secretary should substantially complete the land acquisition program contemplated by sections 698f to 698m–4 of this title within six years after October 11, 1974.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “Committees”.