2 USC 2101 - Senate Commission on Art

(a) Establishment 
There is hereby established a Senate Commission on Art (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) consisting of the President pro tempore of the Senate, the chairman and ranking minority member of the Committee on Rules and Administration of the Senate, and the majority and minority leaders of the Senate.
(b) Chairman and Vice Chairman; quorum; Executive Secretary 
The Majority Leader and Minority Leader of the Senate shall be the chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the Commission. Three members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, except that the Commission may fix a lesser number which shall constitute a quorum for the taking of testimony. The Secretary of the Senate shall be the Executive Secretary of the Commission[1]
(c) Appointment of Senate Curator; assignment of assistants 
The Secretary of the Senate shall appoint a Senate Curator approved by the Senate Commission on Art. The Senate Curator shall be an employee of the Secretary of the Senate assigned to assist the Commission. The Secretary of the Senate shall assign additional employees to assist the Commission, and provide such other assistance, as the Commission determines necessary.
(d) Hearings and meetings 
The Commission shall be empowered to hold hearings, summon witnesses, administer oaths, employ reporters, request the production of papers and records, take such testimony, and adopt such rules for the conduct of its hearings and meetings, as it deems necessary.
[1] So in original. Probably should be followed by a period.