2 USC 59b - Purchase of office equipment or furnishings by Senators

(a) Authorization; conditions 
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a United States Senator may purchase, upon leaving office or otherwise ceasing to be a Senator (except by expulsion), any item or items of office equipment or office furnishings provided by the General Services Administration and then currently located and in use in an office of such Senator in the State then represented by such Senator.
(b) Request by Senator and arrangement for purchase by Sergeant at Arms of Senate; regulations governing purchase; price 
At the request of any United States Senator, the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate shall arrange for and make the purchase of equipment and furnishings under subsection (a) of this section on behalf of such Senator. Each such purchase shall be
(1) in accordance with regulations which shall be prescribed by the Committee on Rules and Administration of the Senate, after consultation with the General Services Administration; and
(2) at a price equal to the acquisition cost to the Federal Government of the equipment or furnishings so purchased, less allowance for depreciation determined under such regulations, but in no instance less than the fair market value of such items.

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(c) Remittance of amounts received to General Services Administration; disposition 
Amounts received by the Federal Government from the sale of items of office equipment or office furnishings under this section shall be remitted to the General Services Administration and credited to the appropriate account or accounts.