33 USC 3206 - Global tsunami warning and mitigation network

(a) International Tsunami Warning System 
The Administrator, through the National Weather Service and in consultation with other relevant Administration offices, in coordination with other members of the United States Interagency Committee of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, shall provide technical assistance and training to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, the World Meteorological Organization, and other international entities, as part of international efforts to develop a fully functional global tsunami forecast and warning system comprising regional tsunami warning networks, modeled on the International Tsunami Warning System of the Pacific.
(b) International Tsunami Information Center 
The Administrator, through the National Weather Service and in consultation with other relevant Administration offices, in cooperation with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, shall operate an International Tsunami Information Center to improve tsunami preparedness for all Pacific Ocean nations participating in the International Tsunami Warning System of the Pacific, and may also provide such assistance to other nations participating in a global tsunami warning system established through the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. As part of its responsibilities around the world, the Center shall
(1) monitor international tsunami warning activities around the world;
(2) assist member states in establishing national warning systems, and make information available on current technologies for tsunami warning systems;
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(3) maintain a library of materials to promulgate knowledge about tsunami in general and for use by the scientific community; and
(4) disseminate information, including educational materials and research reports.
(c) Detection equipment; technical advice and training 
In carrying out this section, the National Weather Service
(1) shall give priority to assisting nations in identifying vulnerable coastal areas, creating inundation maps, obtaining or designing real-time detection and reporting equipment, and establishing communication and warning networks and contact points in each vulnerable nation;
(2) may establish a process for transfer of detection and communication technology to affected nations for the purposes of establishing the international tsunami warning system; and
(3) shall provide technical and other assistance to support international tsunami programs.
(d) Data-sharing requirement 
The National Weather Service, when deciding to provide assistance under this section, may take into consideration the data sharing policies and practices of nations proposed to receive such assistance, with a goal to encourage all nations to support full and open exchange of data.