42 USC 1584 - Removal of all dwelling structures on land under Secretarys control; temporary housing exempted; preference in fulfilling vacancies

With respect to temporary housing remaining under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development on land under his control, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development shall
(1)  permit vacancies, occurring or continuing after July 1, 1953, to be filled only by transfer of tenants of other accommodations in the same locality being removed as required by subchapters II to VII of this chapter;
(2)  notify, on or before March 31, 1954, all tenants to vacate the premises prior to July 1, 1954;
(3)  promptly after July 1, 1954, cause actions to be instituted to evict any tenants still remaining; and
(4)  remove (by demolition or otherwise) all dwelling structures as soon as practicable after they become vacant: Provided, That in any case where a request for relinquishment or transfer has been filed pursuant to section 1581 of this title and where under the provisions of section 1581 (c) of this title the date for compliance with all conditions to the relinquishment or transfer shall have been extended, each of the foregoing dates shall be extended for a period of time equal to the period of the extension under section 1581 (c) of this title: And provided further, That nothing heretofore in this section shall apply

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(1)  to any temporary housing in any municipality in which the total number of persons, who on December 31, 1948, were living in temporary family accommodations provided by the United States or any agency thereof since September 8, 1939, exceeds 30 per centum of the total population of such municipality as shown by the 1940 census, nor
(2)  to any temporary housing as to which the local governing body has adopted a resolution as provided in section 1582 (c) of this title, nor
(3)  to any temporary housing for which a request has been submitted in accordance with section 1581 (b) of this title, but which has not been relinquished or transferred solely because the applicant has been unable to obtain from the landowner the right to possession of the land on reasonable terms as determined by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Provided, That, in filling vacancies in such housing, the preferences set forth in section 1581 (d)(1) of this title shall be applicable and that families within such preference classes shall be eligible for admission to such housing, nor
(4)  to any temporary housing in which accommodations have been reserved, prior to the enactment of this section, for veterans attending an educational institution if
(i)  such institution certifies that the accommodations are urgently needed for such veterans and submits facts showing, to the satisfaction of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, that all reasonable efforts have been made by the institution to find other accommodations for them and
(ii)  such institution agrees to reimburse the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for any financial loss to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the operation of the accommodations after June 30, 1951.