42 USC 1592h - Conditions and requirements as to contracts; utilization of existing facilities; disposition of facilities constructed by United States

In carrying out this subchapter
(a) notwithstanding any other provisions of this subchapter, so far as is consistent with emergency needs, contracts shall be subject to section 5 of title 41;
(b) the cost-plus-a-percentage-of-cost system of contracting shall not be used, but contracts may be made on a cost-plus-a-fixed-fee basis: Provided, That the fixed fee shall not exceed 6 per centum of the estimated cost;
(c) wherever practicable, existing private and public community facilities shall be utilized or such facilities shall be extended, enlarged, or equipped in lieu of constructing new facilities; and
(d) all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to any community facilities constructed by the United States pursuant to the authority contained in this subchapter shall (if such agency is willing to accept such facility and operate the same for the purpose for which it was constructed) be disposed of to the appropriate State, city, or other local agency having responsibility for such type of facility in the area not later than one year after June 30, 1953, and subject to the conditions and requirements hereafter prescribed by the Congress.