42 USC 300hh16 - At-risk individuals

The Secretary, acting through such employee of the Department of Health and Human Services as determined by the Secretary and designated publicly (which may, at the discretion of the Secretary, involve the appointment or designation of an individual as the Director of At-Risk Individuals), shall
(1) oversee the implementation of the National Preparedness goal of taking into account the public health and medical needs of at-risk individuals in the event of a public health emergency, as described in section 300hh–1 (b)(4) of this title;
(2) assist other Federal agencies responsible for planning for, responding to, and recovering from public health emergencies in addressing the needs of at-risk individuals;
(3) provide guidance to and ensure that recipients of State and local public health grants include preparedness and response strategies and capabilities that take into account the medical and public health needs of at-risk individuals in the event of a public health emergency, as described in section 247d–3a (b)(2)(A)(iii) of this title;
(4) ensure that the contents of the strategic national stockpile take into account at-risk populations as described in section 300hh–10 (b)(3)(B)1 of this title;

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(5) oversee the progress of the Advisory Committee on At-Risk Individuals and Public Health Emergencies established under section 247d–6 (b)(2) of this title and make recommendations with a focus on opportunities for action based on the work of the Committee;
(6) oversee curriculum development for the public health and medical response training program on medical management of casualties, as it concerns at-risk individuals as described in subparagraphs (A) through (C) of section 247d–6 (a)(2) of this title;
(7) disseminate novel and best practices of outreach to and care of at-risk individuals before, during, and following public health emergencies; and
(8) not later than one year after December 19, 2006, prepare and submit to Congress a report describing the progress made on implementing the duties described in this section.
[1] So in original. Section 300hh–10 (b)(3) of this title does not contain subpars.