42 USC 3131 - Establishment of economic development partnerships

(a) In general 
In providing assistance under this subchapter, the Secretary shall cooperate with States and other entities to ensure that, consistent with national objectives, Federal programs are compatible with and further the objectives of State, regional, and local economic development plans and comprehensive economic development strategies.
(b) Technical assistance 
The Secretary may provide such technical assistance to States, political subdivisions of States, sub-State regional organizations (including organizations that cross State boundaries), multi-State regional organizations, and nonprofit organizations as the Secretary determines is appropriate to
(1) alleviate economic distress;
(2) encourage and support public-private partnerships for the formation and improvement of economic development strategies that sustain and promote economic development across the United States; and

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(3) promote investment in infrastructure and technological capacity to keep pace with the changing global economy.
(c) Intergovernmental review 
The Secretary shall promulgate regulations to ensure that appropriate State and local government agencies have been given a reasonable opportunity to review and comment on proposed projects under this subchapter that the Secretary determines may have a significant direct impact on the economy of the area.
(d) Cooperation agreements 

(1) In general 
The Secretary may enter into a cooperation agreement with any 2 or more States, or an organization of any 2 or more States, in support of effective economic development.
(2) Participation 
Each cooperation agreement shall provide for suitable participation by other governmental and nongovernmental entities that are representative of significant interests in and perspectives on economic development in an area.