42 USC 3742 - Duties and functions of Director

The Director shall have the following duties:
(1) Providing funds to eligible States, units of local government, and nonprofit organizations pursuant to subchapters V and XIIB of this chapter.
(2) Establishing programs in accordance with part B of subchapter V of this chapter and, following public announcement of such programs, awarding and allocating funds and technical assistance in accordance with the criteria of part B of subchapter V of this chapter, and on terms and conditions determined by the Director to be consistent with part B of subchapter V of this chapter.
(3) Cooperating with and providing technical assistance to States, units of local government, and other public and private organizations or international agencies involved in criminal justice activities.
(4) Providing for the development of technical assistance and training programs for State and local criminal justice agencies and fostering local participation in such activities.

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(5) Encouraging the targeting of State and local resources on efforts to reduce the incidence of drug abuse and crime and on programs relating to the apprehension and prosecution of drug offenders.
(6) Establishing and carrying on a specific and continuing program of cooperation with the States and units of local government designed to encourage and promote consultation and coordination concerning decisions made by the Bureau affecting State and local drug control and criminal justice priorities.
(7) Preparing recommendations on the State and local drug enforcement component of the National Drug Control Strategy which shall be submitted to the Associate Director of the Office on National Drug Control Policy. In making such recommendations, the Director shall review the statewide strategies submitted by such States under subchapter V of this chapter, and shall obtain input from State and local drug enforcement officials. The recommendations made under this paragraph shall be provided at such time and in such form as the Director of National Drug Control Policy shall require.
(8) Exercising such other powers and functions as may be vested in the Director pursuant to this chapter or by delegation of the Attorney General or Assistant Attorney General.