42 USC 3796ff2 - Review of State applications

(a) In general 
The Attorney General shall make a grant under section 3796ff of this title to carry out the projects described in the application submitted under section 3796ff–1 of this title upon determining that
(1) the application is consistent with the requirements of this subchapter; and
(2) before the approval of the application the Attorney General has made an affirmative finding in writing that the proposed project has been reviewed in accordance with this subchapter.
(b) Approval 
Each application submitted under section 3796ff–1 of this title shall be considered approved, in whole or in part, by the Attorney General not later than 90 days after first received unless the Attorney General informs the applicant of specific reasons for disapproval.

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(c) Restriction 
Grant funds received under this subchapter shall not be used for land acquisition or construction projects.
(d) Disapproval notice and reconsideration 
The Attorney General shall not disapprove any application without first affording the applicant reasonable notice and an opportunity for reconsideration.
(e) Priority for partnerships with community-based drug treatment programs 
In considering an application submitted by a State under section 3796ff–1 of this title, the Attorney General shall give priority to an application that involves a partnership between the State and a community-based drug treatment program within the State.