42 USC 4012 - Scope of program and priorities

(a) Priority for insurance for certain residential and church properties and business concerns 
In carrying out the flood insurance program the Director shall afford a priority to making flood insurance available to cover residential properties which are designed for the occupancy of from one to four families, church properties, and business properties which are owned or leased and operated by small business concerns.
(b) Availability of insurance for other properties 
If on the basis of
(1) studies and investigations undertaken and carried out and information received or exchanged under section 4014 of this title, and
(2) such other information as may be necessary, the Director determines that it would be feasible to extend the flood insurance program to cover other properties, he may take such action under this chapter as from time to time may be necessary in order to make flood insurance available to cover, on such basis as may be feasible, any types and classes of

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(A) other residential properties,
(B) other business properties,
(C) agricultural properties,
(D) properties occupied by private nonprofit organizations, and
(E) properties owned by State and local governments and agencies thereof, and any such extensions of the program to any types and classes of these properties shall from time to time be prescribed in regulations.
(c) Availability of insurance in States or areas evidencing positive interest in securing insurance and assuring adoption of adequate land use and control measures 
The Director shall make flood insurance available in only those States or areas (or subdivisions thereof) which he has determined have
(1) evidenced a positive interest in securing flood insurance coverage under the flood insurance program, and
(2) given satisfactory assurance that by December 31, 1971, adequate land use and control measures will have been adopted for the State or area (or subdivision) which are consistent with the comprehensive criteria for land management and use developed under section 4102 of this title, and that the application and enforcement of such measures will commence as soon as technical information on floodways and on controlling flood elevations is available.