42 USC 5116 - Purpose and authority

(a) Purpose 
It is the purpose of this subchapter
(1) to support community-based efforts to develop, operate, expand, enhance, and, where appropriate to network, initiatives aimed at the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and to support networks of coordinated resources and activities to better strengthen and support families to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect; and
(2) to foster an understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of diverse populations in order to be effective in preventing and treating child abuse and neglect.
(b) Authority 
The Secretary shall make grants under this subchapter on a formula basis to the entity designated by the State as the lead entity (hereafter referred to in this subchapter as the lead entity) under section 5116a (1) of this title for the purpose of

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(1) developing, operating, expanding and enhancing community-based and prevention-focused programs and activities designed to strengthen and support families to prevent child abuse and neglect (through networks where appropriate) that are accessible, effective, culturally appropriate, and build upon existing strengths that
(A) offer assistance to families;
(B) provide early, comprehensive support for parents;
(C) promote the development of parenting skills, especially in young parents and parents with very young children;
(D) increase family stability;
(E) improve family access to other formal and informal resources and opportunities for assistance available within communities;
(F) support the additional needs of families with children with disabilities through respite care and other services;
(G) demonstrate a commitment to meaningful parent leadership, including among parents of children with disabilities, parents with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, and members of other underrepresented or underserved groups; and
(H) provide referrals to early health and developmental services;
(2) fostering the development of a continuum of preventive services for children and families through State and community-based collaborations and partnerships both public and private;

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(3) financing the start-up, maintenance, expansion, or redesign of specific family resource and support program services (such as respite care services, child abuse and neglect prevention activities, disability services, mental health services, housing services, transportation, adult education, home visiting and other similar services) identified by the inventory and description of current services required under section 5116d (3)1 of this title as an unmet need, and integrated with the network of community-based family resource and support program to the extent practicable given funding levels and community priorities;
(4) maximizing funding through leveraging of funds for the financing, planning, community mobilization, collaboration, assessment, information and referral, startup, training and technical assistance, information management, reporting and evaluation costs for establishing, operating, or expanding community-based and prevention-focused, programs and activities designed to strengthen and support families to prevent child abuse and neglect (through networks where appropriate); and
(5) financing public information activities that focus on the healthy and positive development of parents and children and the promotion of child abuse and neglect prevention activities.
[1] See References in Text note below.