42 USC 5507 - Arrangements with Federal agencies for development and demonstration of solar heating and combined heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings

The Administrator, in consultation with the Secretary, the Secretary of Energy, the Administrator of General Services, and the Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and concurrently with the conduct of the programs under sections 5503 and 5504 of this title, shall enter into arrangements with appropriate Federal agencies to carry out such projects and activities (including demonstration projects) with respect to apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, crop-drying facilities and other agricultural structures, public buildings (including schools and colleges), and other non-residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, taking into account the special needs of and individual differences in such buildings based upon size, function, and other relevant factors, as may be appropriate for the early development and demonstration of solar heating and combined solar heating and cooling systems suitable and effective for use in such buildings.