42 USC 5588 - Solar Photovoltaic Energy Advisory Committee

(a) Establishment; duties 
There is hereby established a Solar Photovoltaic Energy Advisory Committee, which shall study and advise the Secretary on
(1) the scope and pace of research and development with respect to solar photovoltaic energy systems;
(2) the need for and timing of solar photovoltaic energy systems demonstration projects;
(3) the need for change in any research, development, or demonstration program established under this subchapter; and

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(4) the economic, technological, and environmental consequences of the use of solar photovoltaic energy systems.
(b) Membership; chairman 
The Committee shall be composed of thirteen members, including eleven members appointed by the Secretary from industrial organizations, academic institutions, professional societies or institutions, and other sources as he sees fit, and two members of the public appointed by the President. The Chairman of the Committee shall be elected from among the members thereof.
(c) Cooperation from executive departments, agencies, and instrumentalities 
The heads of the departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the executive branch of the Federal Government shall cooperate with the Committee in carrying out the requirements of this section, and shall furnish to the Committee such information as the Committee deems necessary to carry out this section.
(d) Application of section 7234 of this title 
Section 7234 of this title shall be applicable to the Committee, except as inconsistent with this section.