42 USC 6615 - Science and technology report and outlook

(a) Contents of report 
Notwithstanding the provisions of Reorganization Plan Number 1 of 1977, the Director shall render to the President for submission to the Congress no later than January 15 of each odd numbered year, a science and technology report and outlook (hereinafter referred to as the report) which shall be prepared under the guidance of the Office and with the cooperation of the Director of the National Science Foundation, with appropriate assistance from other Federal departments and agencies as the Office or the Director of the National Science Foundation deems necessary. The report shall include
(1) a statement of the Presidents current policy for the maintenance of the Nations leadership in science and technology;
(2) a review of developments of national significance in science and technology;
(3) a description of major Federal decisions and actions related to science and technology that have occurred since the previous such report;

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(4) a discussion of currently important national issues in which scientific or technical considerations are of major significance;
(5) a forecast of emerging issues of national significance resulting from, or identified through, scientific research or in which scientific or technical considerations are of major importance; and
(6) a discussion of opportunities for, and constraints on, the use of new and existing scientific and technological information, capabilities, and resources, including manpower resources, to make significant contributions to the achievement of Federal program objectives and national goals.
(b) Printing; availability to public 
The Office shall insure that the report, in the form approved by the President, is printed and made available as a public document.