42 USC 8514 - Judicial review

(a) State actions 

(1) Any State may institute an action in the appropriate district court of the United States, including actions for declaratory judgment, for judicial review of
(A) any target established by the President under section 8511 (a) of this title;
(B) any finding by the President under section 8513 (b)(1)(A) of this title, relating to the achievement of the emergency energy conservation target of such State, or 8513(b)(2) of this title, relating to the achievement of the emergency energy conservation target of such State or the failure to carry out the assurances regarding implementation contained in an approved plan of such State; or

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(C) any determination by the Secretary disapproving a State plan under section 8512 (c) of this title, including any determination by the Secretary under section 8512 (c)(1)(B) of this title that the plan is likely to impose an unreasonably disproportionate share of the burden of restrictions of energy use on any specific class of industry, business, or commercial enterprise, or any individual segment thereof.

Such action shall be barred unless it is instituted within 30 calendar days after the date of publication of the establishment of a target referred to in subparagraph (A), the finding by the President referred to in subparagraph (B), or the determination by the Secretary referred to in subparagraph (C), as the case may be.

(2) The district court shall determine the questions of law and upon such determination certify such questions immediately to the United States court of appeals for the circuit involved, which shall hear the matter sitting en banc.
(3) Any decision by such court of appeals on a matter certified under paragraph (2) shall be reviewable by the Supreme Court upon attainment of a writ of certiorari. Any petition for such a writ shall be filed no later than 20 days after the decision of the court of appeals.
(b) Repealed. Pub. L. 98–620, title IV, § 402(42), Nov. 8, 1984, 98 Stat. 3360 
(c) Injunctive relief 
With respect to judicial review under subsection (a)(1)(A) of this section, the court shall not have jurisdiction to grant any injunctive relief except in conjunction with a final judgment entered in the case.