42 USC 8541 - Administration

(a) Information 

(1) The Secretary shall use the authority provided under section 796 of title 15 for the collection of such information as may be necessary for the enforcement of the provisions of subchapters I and II of this chapter.
(2) In carrying out his responsibilities under this chapter, the Secretary shall insure that timely and adequate information concerning the supplies, pricing, and distribution of motor fuels (and other energy sources which are the subject of targets in effect under section 8511 of this title) is obtained, analyzed, and made available to the public. Any Federal agency having responsibility for collection of such information under any other authority shall cooperate fully in facilitating the collection of such information.
(b) Effect on other laws 
No State law or State program in effect on November 5, 1979, or which may become effective thereafter, shall be superseded by any provision of this chapter, or any rule, regulation, or order thereunder, except insofar as such State law or State program is in conflict with any such provision of section 8513 or 8521 of this title (or any rule, regulation, or order under this subchapter relating thereto) in any case in which measures have been implemented in that State under the authority of section 8513 or 8521 of this title (as the case may be).

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(c) Termination 

(1) The provisions of subchapters I, II, III, and IV of this chapter, including any actions taken thereunder, shall cease to have effect on July 1, 1983.
(2) Such expiration shall not affect any action or pending proceeding, administrative or civil, not finally determined on such date, nor any administrative or civil action or proceeding, whether or not pending, based upon any act committed or liability incurred prior to such expiration date.