45 USC 1014 - New career training assistance

(a) Eligible employees 
An employee who elects to receive a separation allowance under an employee protection agreement entered into or a benefit schedule prescribed under section 1005 of this title may, if so provided under such agreement or benefit schedule, receive from the Board reasonable expenses for training in qualified institutions for new career opportunities.
(b) Conditions for assistance 
To be eligible for assistance under this section, an employee
(1) must first exhaust any Federal educational benefits available to such employee under any existing program; and
(2) must begin his course of training within 2 years following the date of such employees separation from employment with the Rock Island Railroad.
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(c) Determination of reasonable expenses by Board 
Reasonable expenses for assistance under this section shall be determined by the Board on the basis of an application therefor filed by an employee with the Board.
(d) Assistance prohibited after April 1, 1984 
No assistance may be provided under this section after April 1, 1984.
(e) Definitions 
As used in this section
(1) the term expenses means actual, reasonable expenses paid for room, board, tuition, fees, or educational material in an amount not to exceed $3,000; and
(2) the term qualified institution means an educational institution accredited for payment by the Veterans Administration under chapter 36 of title 38, or a State-accredited institution which has been in existence for not less than 2 years.