46 USC 70102 - United States facility and vessel vulnerability assessments

(a) Initial Assessments.— 
The Secretary shall conduct an assessment of vessel types and United States facilities on or adjacent to the waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to identify those vessel types and United States facilities that pose a high risk of being involved in a transportation security incident.
(b) Facility and Vessel Assessments.— 

(1) Based on the information gathered under subsection (a) of this section and by not later than December 31, 2004, the Secretary shall conduct a detailed vulnerability assessment of the facilities and vessels that may be involved in a transportation security incident. The vulnerability assessment shall include the following:
(A) Identification and evaluation of critical assets and infrastructures.

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(B) Identification of the threats to those assets and infrastructures.
(C) Identification of weaknesses in physical security, passenger and cargo security, structural integrity, protection systems, procedural policies, communications systems, transportation infrastructure, utilities, contingency response, and other areas as determined by the Secretary.
(2) Upon completion of an assessment under this subsection for a facility or vessel, the Secretary shall provide the owner or operator with a copy of the vulnerability assessment for that facility or vessel.
(3) The Secretary shall update each vulnerability assessment conducted under this section at least every 5 years.
(4) In lieu of conducting a facility or vessel vulnerability assessment under paragraph (1), the Secretary may accept an alternative assessment conducted by or on behalf of the owner or operator of the facility or vessel if the Secretary determines that the alternative assessment includes the matters required under paragraph (1).