5 USC 9807 - Pay authority for critical positions

(a) In this section, the term position means
(1) a position to which chapter 51 applies, including a position in the Senior Executive Service;
(2) a position under the Executive Schedule under sections 5312 through 5317;
(3) a position established under section 3104; or

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(4) a senior-level position to which section 5376 (a)(1) applies.
(b) Authority under this section
(1) may be exercised only with respect to a position that
(A) is described as addressing a critical need in the workforce plan under section 9802 (b)(2)(A); and
(B) requires expertise of an extremely high level in a scientific, technical, professional, or administrative field;
(2) may be exercised only to the extent necessary to recruit or retain an individual exceptionally well qualified for the position; and
(3) may be exercised only in retaining employees of the Administration or in appointing individuals who were not employees of another Federal agency as defined under section 5102 (a)(1).
(1) Notwithstanding section 5377, the Administrator may fix the rate of basic pay for a position in the Administration in accordance with this section. The Administrator may not delegate this authority.
(2) The number of positions with pay fixed under this section may not exceed 10 at any time.

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(1) The rate of basic pay fixed under this section may not be less than the rate of basic pay (including any comparability payments) which would otherwise be payable for the position involved if this section had never been enacted.
(2) The annual rate of basic pay fixed under this section may not exceed the per annum rate of salary payable under section 104 of title 3.
(3) Notwithstanding any provision of section 5307, in the case of an employee who, during any calendar year, is receiving pay at a rate fixed under this section, no allowance, differential, bonus, award, or similar cash payment may be paid to such employee if, or to the extent that, when added to basic pay paid or payable to such employee (for service performed in such calendar year as an employee in the executive branch or as an employee outside the executive branch to whom chapter 51 applies), such payment would cause the total to exceed the per annum rate of salary which, as of the end of such calendar year, is payable under section 104 of title 3.