50 USC 2351 - National coordinator on nonproliferation

(a) Designation of position 
The President shall designate an individual to serve in the Executive Office of the President as the National Coordinator for Nonproliferation Matters.
(b) Duties 
The Coordinator, under the direction of the National Security Council, shall advise and assist the President by
(1) advising the President on nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including issues related to terrorism, arms control, and international organized crime;
(2) chairing the Committee on Nonproliferation of the National Security Council; and

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(3) taking such actions as are necessary to ensure that there is appropriate emphasis in, cooperation on, and coordination of, nonproliferation research efforts of the United States, including activities of Federal agencies as well as activities of contractors funded by the Federal Government.
(c) Allocation of funds 
Of the total amount authorized to be appropriated under section 301,1 $2,000,000 is available to the Department of Defense for carrying out research referred to in subsection (b)(3) of this section.
[1] See References in Text note below.