6 USC 237 - Information on visa denials required to be entered into electronic data system

(a) In general 
Whenever a consular officer of the United States denies a visa to an applicant, the consular officer shall enter the fact and the basis of the denial and the name of the applicant into the interoperable electronic data system implemented under section 1722 (a) of title 8.
(b) Prohibition 
In the case of any alien with respect to whom a visa has been denied under subsection (a) of this section
(1) no subsequent visa may be issued to the alien unless the consular officer considering the aliens visa application has reviewed the information concerning the alien placed in the interoperable electronic data system, has indicated on the aliens application that the information has been reviewed, and has stated for the record why the visa is being issued or a waiver of visa ineligibility recommended in spite of that information; and
(2) the alien may not be admitted to the United States without a visa issued in accordance with the procedures described in paragraph (1).