7 USC 2902 - Definitions

For purposes of this chapter
(1) the term beef means flesh of cattle;
(2) the term beef products means edible products produced in whole or in part from beef, exclusive of milk and products made therefrom;
(3) the term Board means the Cattlemens Beef Promotion and Research Board established under section 2904 (1) of this title;
(4) the term cattle means live domesticated bovine animals regardless of age;

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(5) the term Committee means the Beef Promotion Operating Committee established under section 2904 (5) of this title;
(6) the term consumer information means nutritional data and other information that will assist consumers and other persons in making evaluations and decisions regarding the purchasing, preparing, and use of beef and beef products;
(7) the term Department means the Department of Agriculture.[1]
(8) the term importer means any person who imports cattle, beef, or beef products from outside the United States;
(9) the term industry information means information and programs that will lead to the development of new markets, marketing strategies, increased efficiency, and activities to enhance the image of the cattle industry;
(10) The[2] term order means a beef promotion and research order issued under section 2903 of this title.[1]
(11) the term person means any individual, group of individuals, partnership, corporation, association, cooperative, or any other entity;
(12) the term producer means any person who owns or acquires ownership of cattle, except that a person shall not be considered to be a producer if the persons only share in the proceeds of a sale of cattle or beef is a sales commission, handling fee, or other service fee;
(13) the term promotion means any action, including paid advertising, to advance the image and desirability of beef and beef products with the express intent of improving the competitive position and stimulating sales of beef and beef products in the marketplace;
(14) the term qualified State beef council means a beef promotion entity that is authorized by State statute or is organized and operating within a State, that receives voluntary contributions and conducts beef promotion, research, and consumer information programs, and that is recognized by the Board as the beef promotion entity within such State;

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(15) the term research means studies testing the effectiveness of market development and promotion efforts, studies relating to the nutritional value of beef and beef products, other related food science research, and new product development;
(16) the term Secretary means the Secretary of Agriculture;
(17) The[2] term State means each of the 50 States; and
(18) the term United States means the several States and the District of Columbia.
[1] So in original. The period probably should be a semicolon.
[2] So in original. Probably should not be capitalized.