7 USC 437 - Administration of transferred property; improvement in horse breeding; acquisition of breeding stock and facilities; fees; cooperation with other organizations

The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to receive the property transferred by section 436 of this title and is directed to administer it in such manner as he deems will best advance the livestock and agricultural interests of the United States, including improvement in the breeding of horses suited to the needs of the United States; the acquisition by purchase in the open market, exchange, hire, or donation of breeding stock, and necessary land, buildings, and facilities; the use of horses in the improvement of the supply of horses available in agriculture; the demonstration of the quality and usefulness of horses through participation in and lending for use in fairs, shows, and other events, or otherwise; the loan, sale, or hire of animals or animal products through such arrangements and subject to such fees as are deemed necessary by the Secretary to accomplish the purposes of this section and section 436 of this title, and, in carrying out such program, the Secretary is authorized to cooperate with public and private organizations and individuals under such rules and regulations as are deemed by him to be necessary.