7 USC 8901 - Definitions

In this chapter:
(1) Agent 
The term agent means a nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological substance that causes agricultural disease or the adulteration of products regulated by the Secretary of Agriculture under any provision of law.
(2) Agricultural biosecurity 
The term agricultural biosecurity means protection from an agent that poses a threat to
(A) plant or animal health;
(B) public health as it relates to the adulteration of products regulated by the Secretary of Agriculture under any provision of law that is caused by exposure to an agent; or
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(C) the environment as it relates to agriculture facilities, farmland, and air and water within the immediate vicinity of an area associated with an agricultural disease or outbreak.
(3) Agricultural countermeasure 
The term agricultural countermeasure
(A) means a product, practice, or technology that is intended to enhance or maintain the agricultural biosecurity of the United States; and
(B) does not include a product, practice, or technology used solely in response to a human medical incident or public health emergency not related to agriculture.
(4) Agricultural disease 
The term agricultural disease has the meaning given the term by the Secretary.
(5) Agricultural disease emergency 
The term agricultural disease emergency means an incident of agricultural disease that requires prompt action to prevent significant damage to people, plants, or animals.
(6) Agroterrorist act 
The term agroterrorist act means an act that
(A) causes or attempts to cause
(i) damage to agriculture; or
(ii) injury to a person associated with agriculture; and
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(B) is committed or appears to be committed with the intent to
(i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; or
(ii) disrupt the agricultural industry in order to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion.
(7) Animal 
The term animal has the meaning given the term in section 8302 of this title.
(8) Department 
The term Department means the Department of Agriculture.
(9) Development 
The term development means
(A) research leading to the identification of products or technologies intended for use as agricultural countermeasures to protect animal health;
(B) the formulation, production, and subsequent modification of those products or technologies;
(C) the conduct of in vitro and in vivo studies;
(D) the conduct of field, efficacy, and safety studies;
(E) the preparation of an application for marketing approval for submission to an applicable agency; or
(F) other actions taken by an applicable agency in a case in which an agricultural countermeasure is procured or used prior to issuance of a license or other form of Federal Government approval.
(10) Plant 
The term plant has the meaning given the term in section 7702 of this title.
(11) Qualified agricultural countermeasure 
The term qualified agricultural countermeasure means an agricultural countermeasure that the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, determines to be a priority in order to address an agricultural biosecurity threat.