House Springs is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Missouri, United States. It is located just off Route 30 at the intersection with Routes MM and W near Byrnes Mill. The community is named after Adam House, who settled there ca. 1796, and for the two large springs there. In the late 1700s Adam House was killed by Osage Indians due to a dispute over stolen horses. Two of House's children escaped; his wife had died the year before of illness. Help from St. Louis arrived too late to aid the family, and House was beheaded. House's cabin was built near the spring about a mile from the Big River. Historical House Springs is located on Main Street off Route MM.

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What is construction litigation?

Construction defect litigation involves defects in construction where attorneys represent homeowners, commercial property owners, builders, construction companies and property developers when problems are discovered during or after the construction process. Construction defect litigation cases can be based on negligent structural engineering, improper soil analysis, and defective building materials.