121 US 616 Hartranft v. Winters

121 U.S. 616

7 S.Ct. 1244`

30 L.Ed. 1015

HARTRANFT, Collector, etc.,

May 2, 1887.


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This is an action by Anton Winters, brought in a state court of Pennsylvania, and removed into the circuit court of the United States for the Eastern district of Pennsylvania, against the collector of customs for the district of Philadelphia. The proceedings in it, and the questions arising, are in all respects the same as those in the case of Hartranft v. Wiegmann, ante, 1240, (just decided;) the only difference being that in this case there were no shells called 'green snails' or 'mottoes' or 'Turk's caps' or 'magpies' or 'trocus,' and that there were shells called 'rose murex,' 'motto cowries,' 'banded snails,' 'Japan ears,' 'turbo shells,' 'red ears,' and 'pearl snails.'


The same conclusion is arrived at as in the Wiegmann Case, and the judgment of the circuit court is affirmed.