Andre Birotte Jr.


Newark, NJ
Race or Ethnicity: 
African American
Prior Employment: 

Deputy public defender, Los Angeles County, California, 1991-1995
Assistant U.S. attorney, Central District of California, 1995-1999
Private practice, Los Angeles, California, 1999-2001
Los Angeles [California] Police Commission, 2001-2010; assistant inspector general, 2001-2003; inspector general, 2003-2010
U.S. attorney for the Central District of California, 2010-2014


Name of School: 
Tufts University
Degree Year: 
Name of School - Second: 

Pepperdine University School of Law

The mission of Pepperdine University School of Law is to provide highly qualified students with a superior legal education. The school seeks to prepare students for positions as counselors, advocates, and judges; as business persons; and as researchers, teachers, and philosophers of the law. These ends are furthered by a program of academic excellence combined with practical experience. The school's Christian emphasis leads to a special concern for imbuing students with the highest principles of professional, ethical, and moral responsibility. An effort is made to call together a faculty, staff, and student body who wish to share this experience of quality legal education in a value-centered context. It is the philosophy of the School of Law that lawyers best serve the interests of their clients, as well as the interests of society, when they possess a genuine commitment to high standards of personal conduct and professional responsibility. Therefore, the school tries to convey to its students not only the knowledge of how to employ the law, but also an awareness of the responsibilities to society that accompany the power inherent in that knowledge.

Degree - Second: 
Degree Year - Second: 

Judicial Career

Court Name: 
U. S. District Court, Central District of California
Court Name: 

California Central District Court

President Nominating: 
Barack Obama
Party Affiliation of President: 
Commission Date: