Justin Miller


Crescent City, CA
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Private practice, Hanford, Fresno, and San Francisco, California, 1914-1921
District attorney, Kings County, California, 1915-1918
Attorney and executive officer, California State Commission on Immigration and Housing, 1919-1921
Professor of law, University of Oregon, 1921-1923
Professor of law, University of Minnesota, 1923-1926
Professor of law, University of California, 1926-1927
Professor and dean, University of Southern California Law School, 1927-1930
Dean, Duke University School of Law, 1930-1935
Special assistant to the Attorney General of the United States, 1934-1936
Member, U.S. Board of Tax Appeals, 1937
President, Association of Broadcasters, 1945-1951
Chairman of the board and general counsel, National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, 1951-
Chairman, U.S. Salary Stabilization Board, 1951-1952


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Stanford University
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Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana

The Alexander Blewett III School of Law is a law school at the University of Montana in Missoula. It was established in 1911 and remains Montana's only law school. In 2014, the school accepted 83 applicants. In 2009, National Jurist magazine ranked the school 6th in best value nationally, with its graduates passing the bar at a rate of 95%. The school has been praised for its innovative integration of theory and practice.

The University of Montana capitalizes on its unique strengths to create knowledge, provide an active learning environment for students, and offer programs and services responsive to the needs of Montanans. The University delivers education and training on its four campuses and through telecommunications to sites inside and outside of Montana. With public expectations on the rise, the University asks its students, faculty, and staff to do and accomplish even more than they have in the past. The dedication to education for and throughout life reflects the commitment to service learning and community building on and off the campuses. The University enhances its programs through continuous quality review for improvement and remains fully accountable to the citizenry through annual audits and performance evaluations.

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Stanford University Law School

At Stanford Law School, excellence is a given. Our community: engaged faculty and students, influential alumni, dedicated staff is united in its belief that a Stanford Law degree is a powerful tool for change. Our programs: intensive curriculum, hands-on legal clinics, high-profile academic centers cultivate professional skills and values, inspire new ideas, and engage leaders in developing solutions. And our resources: from cutting-edge facilities to the diverse advantages of Stanford University make the Stanford Law campus an ideal environment for exploring and mastering the law.

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Judicial Career

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U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
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District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals

President Nominating: 
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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