Leon Rene Yankwich


Jassy, Romania
Date of Death: 
Race or Ethnicity: 
Prior Employment: 

Private practice, Modesto, California, 1909-1916
Private practice, Los Angeles, California, 1916-1918, 1919-1927
U.S. Army sergeant, 1918
Judge, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, 1927-1935


Name of School: 

Willamette University College of Law

Willamette University is an independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1842, which educates men and women in the liberal arts and in selected professional fields. The University's mission now extends far beyond from the Oregon Territory and the Pacific Northwest to encompass the larger world beyond. In its pursuits, Willamette University: cherishes the dignity and worth of all individuals, and strives to reflect the diversity of our world; encourages close relationships among faculty, students, and staff to enhance learning and foster community; provides a lively and challenging education in a small university setting where teaching and learning are strengthened by ongoing scholarship and research; embraces a commitment to service and leadership in our various communities and professions; honors its historic roots in The United Methodist Church and values the ethical and spiritual dimension of education; believes that education is a lifelong process of discovery, delight, and growth, the hallmark of a humane life.

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Loyola Law School Los Angeles

The mission of Loyola Law School is legal education within the context of Loyola Marymount University and its goals as a Catholic Institution in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions. In carrying out this mission, it is the particular responsibility of Loyola Law School to: Achieve and maintain excellence in the instruction of law and promote legal scholarship and research in the context of academic freedom; Seek to educate men and women who will be leaders of both the legal profession and society, demonstrating in their practice of law and public service the highest standards of personal integrity, professional ethics and a deep concern for social justice; Act at all times as an institution in a manner consistent with those values. The Law School should be distinguished by its concern for social justice. It should continue its efforts to provide opportunities for legal education to the poor, the underprivileged, women and minorities. Loyola Law School has a long-standing commitment to affirmative action and adheres to and supports all legal requirements for non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all of its programs. As a Jesuit-related institution, the Law School recognizes its moral and ethical obligation to provide opportunities for a quality legal education to qualified applicants of diverse backgrounds, interests and professional objectives.

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Judicial Career

Court Name: 
U. S. District Court, Southern District of California
Court Name: 

California Southern District Court

President Nominating: 
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Court Name - Second: 
U. S. District Court, Central District of California
Court Name - Second: 

California Central District Court

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Termination Date - Second: 
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