Sven Erik Holmes


Grand Junction, CO
Race or Ethnicity: 
Prior Employment: 

Campaign coordinator, David Boren for Governor, Oklahoma, 1973-1975
Administrative assistant, Gov. David L. Boren, Oklahoma, 1975-1977
Law clerk, Hon. Thomas Brett, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma, 1980-1981
Private practice, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1981-1983
Executive director, Democrats for the 80`s, 1983-1985
Special tax counsel, U.S. Sen. David L. Boren, Oklahoma, 1985
Private practice, Washington, D.C., 1985-1987, 1989-1994
General counsel/staff director, U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 1987-1989
Designated staff, U.S. Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition, 1987
Club counsel, Baltimore Orioles baseball team, 1989


Name of School: 
Harvard University
Degree Year: 
Name of School - Second: 

Oklahoma City University - School of Law

Oklahoma City University School of Law prepares students to become responsible professionals through a rigorous program of instruction that focuses on students' intellectual and professional development and enables them to become leaders in law, business, government, and civic life; and contributes to the improvement of law and legal institutions through research and scholarship.

Name of School - Third: 
University of Oklahoma College of Business Administration
Name of School - Fourth: 

University of Virginia School of Law

Virginia is justly famous for its collegial environment that bonds students and faculty, and student satisfaction is consistently cited as among the highest in American law schools. Intellectual challenges are met in a spirit of cooperation. Small first-year sections promote individual inquiry while providing support and friendship. Students learn together, reading each other's work and freely sharing course outlines and other materials, confidently relying on the nation's oldest student-run Honor System to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Degree - Fourth: 
Degree Year - Fourth: 
Name of School - Fifth: 

Georgetown University Law Center

The Law Center provides a world of opportunities. We offer more courses and more seminars on domestic and international topics than any other law school in the country. Our program in clinical education, ranked among the best in the nation, offers a wide range of legal assistance to needy members of our community - including domestic abuse and child cases, political asylum cases, and environmental justice. Our location puts us within walking distance of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Department of Justice.

Degree - Fifth: 
Degree Year - Fifth: 

Judicial Career

Court Name: 
U. S. District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma
Court Name: 

Oklahoma Northern District Court

President Nominating: 
William J. Clinton
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