Thomas Joseph Meskill


New Britain, CT
Date of Death: 
Place of Death: 
Boynton Beach, FL
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Prior Employment: 

U.S. Air Force first lieutenant, 1950-1953
Private practice, New Britain, Connecticut, 1956-1960
Assistant corporation counsel, New Britain, Connecticut, 1960-1962
Mayor, New Britain, Connecticut, 1962-1964
Corporation counsel, New Britain, Connecticut, 1965-1966
U.S. representative from Connecticut, 1967-1971
Governor, Connecticut, 1971-1975

Nominated to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, August 8, 1974; no Senate vote
Nominated to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, November 18, 1974; no Senate vote


Name of School: 
Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut
Degree Year: 
Name of School - Second: 

University of Connecticut School of Law

The University of Connecticut School of Law is one of the leading public law schools in the country. Its campus, listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, is probably the most beautiful of any law school in the United States. The newly-completed law library is perhaps the finest facility of its kind in the world. Two miles from the center of Hartford, the Law School is located in a neighborhood of large Victorian homes, where many students, staff, and faculty live.

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Name of School - Third: 

New York University School of Law

Our educational mission focuses on our three core constituencies: students, faculty and alumni. There is an obvious interdependence among these three groups: By attracting the top students, faculty interest is magnified; likewise, enabling professors to do their best work and supplying them with the most desirable resources allows us to attract young scholars who are motivated and talented. Similarly, the more tangible the impact the Law School has on our community, the more engaged our alumni become. Our graduates are energized by the intellectual excitement of the school, enriching their own professional lives and adding still more luster to their alma mater's reputation. Loyal alumni give back, so that a cycle of generosity, learning, appreciation and active participation in our school and society continues.

Judicial Career

Court Name: 
U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Court Name: 

Second Circuit Court of Appeals

President Nominating: 
Gerald Ford
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